Enter Partners, business strategy consultants

Strategy and Scenario Planning

Entegra Partners believes in customized, experiential approaches to solve different strategy issues and plan better for the future. Whether testing an existing strategy or identifying a new roadmap, even complex problems like multi-stakeholder challenges, Entegra Partners helps you or a team to find successful, actionable – and exceptional results.

  • Advanced scenario planning – from helping to start the Global Business Network (GBN) in 1991, the foremost global scenario planning consultancy that came out of Royal Dutch/Shell’s tradition, Jim learned from the masters Pierre Wack and Napier Collyns and has developed his own unique, powerful approach in leading over 150 successful projects globally. We provide the latest, most advanced tools to better understand and plan for the future, including a network of over 100 experts to provide future insights in any topic or discipline
  • Strategy development, including risk assessment, new insights and options, and opportunities
  • Team and individual learning and leadership, including soft skills like systems thinking and mindfulness, to align and move forward together
  • Proven, customized approaches – from strategy offsites to executive retreats to client seminars to customized learning modules – to take strategic insights into actionable results and aligned leadership
Enter Partners, innovations consultants

Innovation and Leadership

With the pace of rapid digital technology affecting all organizations, we help design new innovation to help build more successful, leading organizations today. Entegra Partners helps you co-create and identify new innovative approaches, including leadership, learning courses and talent development, and soft skill development, such as systems thinking, to lead you to new insights, products, services and often new exciting options – sometimes in partnerships or with stakeholders – that provide a compelling advantage.

  • Innovation approaches – from new product or services to organizational transformation to collaborative multi-stakeholder or system-wide innovations
  • Re-framing challenges to create new innovative approaches, from hardware to organization design
  • Leadership, learning courses, talent development and soft skills development – traditional leadership and management skills are often limited, so new skills around “softer” skills, like systems thinking, complexity and team leadership are needed
Enter Partners, climate change and sustainability consultants

Sustainability and Climate Change

Every organization is facing new sustainability & climate change challenges, from reducing or offsetting carbon emissions to meeting compliance regulations to net-zero commitments. Instead of seeing this area as a limited or separate CSR issue, most successful organizations are seeing this sustainability focus as being integral to its overall corporate strategy and business model.

  • Crafting leading sustainability strategies  – we have helped leading companies like Ingersoll Rand, Nissan, Morgan Stanley, PG&E, DuPont, Texaco and CEMEX, to leading and creating the first sustainable U.S. National Energy Plan.
  • Unlike other consultancies, Jim created and led Morgan Stanley’s global sustainability efforts as the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), which garnered numerous industry awards.
  • A range of proven approaches to tackle complex issues, from carbon emissions, carbon offsets and credits, nature-based solutions and biodiversity, compliance and regulatory, new innovations on green products & services, strategy development, to CEO and senior executive team advising.
  • Developing new sustainable investing approaches, from PE, VC, corporate VC to impact investing, including nature-based solutions.
Enter Partners, scenario planning consultants

Advising, Learning and Speaking

Many clients ask for advising and coaching for implementing strategy, organizational changes and developing leadership and talent, both individual and team.

  • Strategic coaching and advising, both 1:1 and team
  • Individual and team leadership, learning and talent development, including diversity, shared values, soft skills development such as mindfulness and complexity to become more “strategic” leaders
  • Creating alignment and commitment among your teams
  • Customized individual and team trainings, learnings and seminars

With rapid changes in the world, Entegra Partners offers compelling and engaging speakers on a range of topics, whether for conferences, offsite or meetings, to inspire, entertain and provide useful information and insights.

  • Megatrends
  • Industry insights, such as digital technology, shaping the future
  • Adapting to uncertainty, new leadership skills, among many others