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Jim Butcher of Enter Partners, business strategy consultant

Jim Butcher, Founder and Managing Partner

As a strategist, sustainability/ESG expert and leadership advisor, Jim Butcher has over 25 years of experience engaging decision-makers and leaders with new insights to make better decisions leading to exceptional results – today and tomorrow. Previously, Jim served as a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley (MS) in senior leadership roles. He first helped lead the Strategy Engagement Group (SEG) to create future business strategies across the firm. Next, he created and led the first Global Sustainability Office (CSO), with 50% of his role creating new business initiatives across the firm. During his tenure, MS moved from #114 to #2 in global green banks. Prior, he was a Senior Partner with Global Business Network (GBN), the leading scenario planning consultancy, whose roots were from Royal Dutch-Shell where he learned from the original scenario planning masters Pierre Wack and Napier Collyns. His early career with the Ford Foundation, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and leading a Clinton Administration White House initiative to create the first sustainable U.S. National Energy Plan. These roles linked innovative strategy and sustainability, including public-private partnerships.

susan stickley

Susan Stickley, Network Partner

Susan Stickley is the President of Stratus. Inc. A strategic thinker, adviser and organizational expert, Susan creates customized strategic programs to help clients succeed in these changing times. Recently, she has concentrated on merging strategic management, scenario planning, organizational and individual learning methodologies to achieve high impact of organizations and community groups.

Nick Turner, Network Partner

Nick Turner is the Founder and Managing Partner of Stratforma. Adviser, corporate strategist and futures thinker, Nick has over 25 years’ experience offering counsel to senior decision makers at multi-national corporations and governments, helping make better choices today for an uncertain tomorrow.

A product of Silicon Valley and Wall Street, Nick specializes in using strategic thinking, behavioral economics, simulations and scenario planning to ensure that senior decision-makers and their organizations develop robust, future-proofed strategies and options.

Steve Weber, Network Partner

Steve is a Professor in the Political Science Department and in the School of Information at UC Berkeley, where he is also the Executive Director, Center of Long-Term Cybersecurity. He works at the intersection of technology markets, intellectual property regimes, international political economy, and growing risks around cybersecurity. He is an expert on long-term futures, scenario planning, working across corporate, government and non-profit sectors.

Jen rice headshot

Jennifer Rice, Network Partner

Jennifer’s superpower is simplifying complexity. Aligning people and groups around customer-centric visions and values, identifying hindrances to progress, and then guiding the action plan to get there. Throughout her nearly 30-year career, she’s served as a coach, advisor, facilitator and cheerleader for her clients, with deep passion for their success. Jennifer brings a unique skill set at the intersection of brand, CX, sustainability, business and design.

An Extensive Network of Experts and Trusted Advisors

Entegra Partners has an extensive network of over 100 individuals across different subject expertise and trusted relationships for client work, especially scenario planning. Examples of the experts in our network include:

  • Peter Schwartz – founder of the Global Business Network (GBN), and currently, Head of Strategy & Governmental Relations for Salesforce.com
  • Kevin Kelly – co-founder of Wired magazine, author, and current senior maverick at Wired magazine
  • Jeremy Bailenson – founding director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford University