Jim Butcher of Enter Partners, business strategy consultant

Jim Butcher

Founder and Man­ag­ing Part­ner

Entegra Partners was founded to help executives, leaders and entrepreneurs to think clearer, innovate more imaginatively, navigate uncertainties with powerful insights, incorporate sustainability, and make better strategy and leadership decisions — acting with confidence — to transform and align your organization and deliver exceptional results today — and tomorrow.

Scenario Planning & Strategy

Enter Partners, business strategy consultants

Com­ing from start­ing GBN, the glob­al lead­ing sce­nario plan­ning con­sul­tan­cy, and Pierre Wack’s tra­di­tion, Jim brings world-class sce­nario plan­ning and strat­e­gy tal­ents to cre­ate pow­er­ful, trans­for­ma­tive future strat­e­gy insights — and lead to action­able results today and tomor­row.

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Innovation & Leadership

Enter Partners, innovations consultants

With rapid tech­nol­o­gy change, new inno­va­tion approach­es and lead­er­ship devel­op­ment to lead an orga­ni­za­tion.

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Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Enter Partners, entrepreneur consulting

Grow­ing num­bers of entre­pre­neurs and inno­va­tors need assis­tance in all stages of a new company’s growth and strat­e­gy.

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Climate Change & Sustainability

Enter Partners, climate change and sustainability consultants

Every orga­ni­za­tion is fac­ing new cli­mate & sus­tain­abil­i­ty chal­lenges, includ­ing align­ing with UN-SDG goals. Unlike oth­er con­sul­tan­cies, Jim Butch­er has also been on the inside — cre­at­ing and lead­ing a glob­al cor­po­rate sus­tain­abil­i­ty pro­gram that won awards.

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Impact & Sustainable Investing

Social impact investing and consulting

Impact and sus­tain­able invest­ing has increas­ing­ly gone main­stream. From cre­at­ing Mor­gan Stanley’s impact and sus­tain­able invest­ing focus glob­al­ly to inno­v­a­tive recent work, Jim Butch­er has exten­sive exper­tise and insights.

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Advising, Mentoring & Speaking

Enter Partners, scenario planning consultants

Indi­vid­ual & team advis­ing, men­tor­ing and lead­er­ship devel­op­ment, includ­ing engag­ing speak­ers on what’s shap­ing the future and how to best pre­pare.

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Client Testimonials

This sce­nario effort crys­tal­lized our strate­gic direc­tion that we’ve been dis­cussing and refin­ing.”

Fer­nan­do Gon­za­lez, CEO, Cemex

This was the first real strate­gic con­ver­sa­tion that we have had in four years around the big things that mat­ter to Intel.”

Kei­th Reese, Intel semi­con­duc­tor plant man­ag­er, Intel

Jim cre­at­ed a strong, lead­ing sus­tain­abil­i­ty foun­da­tion and approach for us.”

Jeff Holzschuh, Chair­man of Insti­tu­tion­al Secu­ri­ties, Mor­gan Stan­ley

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