Jim Butcher

Founder and Managing Partner

Entegra Partners was founded to help leaders and decision-makers navigate uncertainties with powerful insights, innovate, create leading sustainability initiatives, and make better strategy and leadership decisions – acting with confidence – to transform your organization and deliver exceptional results today – and tomorrow.

Scenario Planning, Foresight & Strategy


From starting GBN and learning from the masters Pierre Wack and Napier Collyns, Jim brings world-class scenario planning, foresight and strategy talents to create powerful, transformative strategy insights – which lead to exceptional results today and tomorrow.

Innovation & Leadership


With rapid technological and digital change, we have new innovation approaches, learning and leadership tools to help lead an organization.

Sustainability & Climate Change


Every organization is facing new sustainability & climate change challenges, from reducing carbon emissions to meeting compliance regulations & net-zero commitments, and sustainable investments. Unlike other consultancies, Jim has also been on the inside – creating and leading a Fortune 100 company’s sustainability efforts (CSO) that won industry awards.

Advising, Learning & Speaking


Individual coaching & advising , learning courses and leadership development, including engaging speakers on what’s shaping the future and how to best prepare.

Client Testimonials

“This scenario planning effort crystallized our strategic direction that we’ve been refining.”

Fernando Gonzalez, CEO, Cemex

“This was the first real strategic conversation that we have had in four years around the big things that matter to Intel.”

Keith Reese, Intel semiconductor plant manager, Intel

“Jim created and led a strong, leading global sustainability approach for us.”

Jeff Holzschuh, Chairman of Institutional Securities, Morgan Stanley

Jim was invaluable to help us understand, realize important insights and better plan for a changing future auto industry

Jane Nakagawa, Division Director, Advanced Product Planning, Honda R&D Americas

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