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Strategy and Scenario Planning

Ente­gra Part­ners believes in cus­tomized, expe­ri­en­tial approach­es to solve dif­fer­ent strat­e­gy issues and plan bet­ter for the future. Co-defin­ing the prob­lem first leads to iden­ti­fy­ing the right solu­tions. Whether test­ing an exist­ing strat­e­gy or iden­ti­fy­ing a new approach, even com­plex prob­lems like mul­ti-stake­hold­er chal­lenges, Ente­gra Part­ners helps lead you and a team to find suc­cess­ful, action­able results.

  • Strat­e­gy devel­op­ment, includ­ing risk assess­ment, new insights and options, and oppor­tu­ni­ties
  • Advanced sce­nario plan­ning – from help­ing to start the Glob­al Busi­ness Net­work (GBN) in 1991, the fore­most sce­nario plan­ning con­sul­tan­cy, and lead­ing over 150 suc­cess­ful projects glob­al­ly, we pro­vide the lat­est, most advanced tools to bet­ter under­stand and plan for the future, includ­ing a net­work of over 100 experts to pro­vide future insights in any top­ic or dis­ci­pline
  • Team and indi­vid­ual lead­er­ship, includ­ing soft skills like sys­tems think­ing, to align and move for­ward togeth­er
  • Proven, cus­tomized approach­es – from strat­e­gy off­sites to exec­u­tive retreats to client sem­i­nars — to take strate­gic insights into action­able results


New inno­v­a­tive insights, whether prod­ucts or chang­ing mind­sets, are key to the most suc­cess­ful orga­ni­za­tions today. In today’s uncer­tain world, Ente­gra Part­ners helps iden­ti­fy new inno­v­a­tive approach­es, includ­ing lead­er­ship, tal­ent devel­op­ment and soft skill devel­op­ment, such as sys­tem think­ing, to lead you to new insights, prod­ucts, ser­vices and often new options that pro­vide a com­pelling advan­tage.

  • Inno­va­tion approach­es – from new prod­uct or ser­vices to orga­ni­za­tion­al trans­for­ma­tion
  • Re-fram­ing chal­lenges to cre­ate new inno­v­a­tive approach­es, from hard­ware to orga­ni­za­tion design
  • Lead­er­ship, tal­ent devel­op­ment and soft skills devel­op­ment – tra­di­tion­al lead­er­ship and man­age­ment skills are often lim­it­ed, so new skills around ‘soft­er” skills, like sys­tems think­ing, com­plex­i­ty and team lead­er­ship are need­ed

System/Stakeholder Leadership

Today’s lead­ers face unprece­dent­ed and com­plex issues that tran­scend tra­di­tion­al orga­ni­za­tion­al bound­aries, whether growth, polit­i­cal divi­sions, stake­hold­ers, reg­u­la­to­ry, cli­mate change, health care, high­er edu­ca­tion or munic­i­pal or nation­al chal­lenges. From lead­ing nation­al vision­ing to col­lab­o­ra­tive stake­hold­er approach­es glob­al­ly and in U.S.,  Ente­gra Part­ners has deep exper­tise in help­ing you address these type of sys­tem – or mul­ti-stake­hold­er – prob­lems and find new insights, approach­es and actions to more effec­tive­ly resolve.

  • Cor­rect­ly fram­ing and re-fram­ing the cur­rent issue or chal­lenge
  • Using var­i­ous large group and com­plex engage­ment approach­es to most effec­tive­ly address the type and scale
  • Once resolved, iden­ti­fy­ing impor­tant imple­men­ta­tion tools to move all par­ties for­ward togeth­er

Climate Change

With cli­mate change and glob­al warm­ing reach­ing records each year, every orga­ni­za­tion is or will be fac­ing cli­mate change and sus­tain­abil­i­ty chal­lenges. Instead of think­ing this as a sep­a­rate issue, most suc­cess­ful orga­ni­za­tions see this issue as inte­gral to a future, suc­cess­ful busi­ness mod­el.

  • From reg­u­la­to­ry and pol­i­cy to craft­ing lead­ing indus­try sec­tor sus­tain­abil­i­ty strate­gies, we have helped lead­ing com­pa­nies from PG&E, Dow, Mor­gan Stan­ley and Nis­san to lead­ing the first Nation­al Ener­gy Plan for the U.S. fed­er­al gov­ern­ment in 1996
  • A range of proven approach­es to tack­le the most com­plex issues, from local like New York City to glob­al like the P8/P80 glob­al pen­sion ini­tia­tive for cli­mate change


Many clients ask for advis­ing and coach­ing for imple­ment­ing strat­e­gy, orga­ni­za­tion­al changes and devel­op­ing lead­er­ship and tal­ent, both indi­vid­ual and team.

  • Strate­gic coach­ing and advis­ing, both 1:1 and team
  • Indi­vid­ual and team lead­er­ship and tal­ent devel­op­ment, includ­ing diver­si­ty, shared val­ues, soft skills devel­op­ment such as com­plex­i­ty
  • Cre­at­ing align­ment and com­mit­ment among your teams
  • Cus­tomized indi­vid­ual and team train­ings and sem­i­nars


Ente­gra Part­ners offers com­pelling and engag­ing speak­ers on a range of top­ics, whether for con­fer­ences, off­site or meet­ings, to inspire, enter­tain and pro­vide use­ful infor­ma­tion and insights.

  • Mega­trends
  • New indus­try insights shap­ing the future
  • Adapt­ing to uncer­tain­ty, among many oth­ers