About Us

Jim Butcher, Founder and Managing Partner

As a strate­gist, inno­va­tor and advi­sor, Jim Butcher has over 25 years’ expe­ri­ence pro­vid­ing key insights and engag­ing senior deci­sion mak­ers to make bet­ter deci­sions across cor­po­rate, gov­ern­ments, civic and non-prof­it sec­tors. Hav­ing worked glob­al­ly with lead­ing For­tune 100 com­pa­nies to inno­v­a­tive tech start-ups, he uses advanced strate­gic think­ing and sce­nar­io plan­ning approach­es, inno­va­tion, and cus­tomized engage­ment and lead­er­ship mod­els to lead orga­ni­za­tions to improved results today.

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Susan Stickley, Network Partner

Susan Stick­ley is the Pres­i­dent of Stra­tus. Inc. A strate­gic thinker, advis­er and orga­ni­za­tion­al expert, Susan cre­ates cus­tomized strate­gic pro­grams to help clients suc­ceed in the­se chang­ing times. Recent­ly, she has con­cen­trat­ed on merg­ing strate­gic man­age­ment, orga­ni­za­tion­al and indi­vid­u­al learn­ing method­olo­gies to achieve high impact of orga­ni­za­tions and com­mu­ni­ty groups.

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Nick Turner, Network Partner

Nick Turn­er is the Founder and Man­ag­ing Part­ner of Strat­for­ma. Advis­er, cor­po­rate strate­gist and futures thinker, Nick has over 25 years’ expe­ri­ence offer­ing coun­sel to senior deci­sion mak­ers at mul­ti-nation­al cor­po­ra­tions and gov­ern­ments, help­ing make bet­ter choic­es today for an uncer­tain tomor­row.

A pro­duct of Sil­i­con Val­ley and Wall Street, Nick spe­cial­izes in using strate­gic think­ing, behav­ioral eco­nom­ics, sim­u­la­tions and sce­nar­ios to ensure that senior deci­sion-mak­ers and their orga­ni­za­tions devel­op robust, future-proofed strate­gies and options.

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Steve Weber, Network Partner

Steve is a Pro­fes­sor in the Polit­i­cal Sci­ence Depart­ment and in the School of Infor­ma­tion at UC Berke­ley, where he is also the Exec­u­tive Direc­tor, Cen­ter of Long-Term Cyber­se­cu­ri­ty. He works at the inter­sec­tion of tech­nol­o­gy mar­kets, intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty regimes, inter­na­tion­al polit­i­cal econ­o­my, and grow­ing risks around cyber­se­cu­ri­ty. He is an expert on long-term futures, work­ing across cor­po­rate, gov­ern­ment and non-prof­it sec­tors.

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An Extensive Network of Experts and Trusted Advisors

Ente­gra Part­ners has an exten­sive net­work of over 100 indi­vid­u­als across dif­fer­ent sub­ject exper­tise and trust­ed rela­tion­ships for client work. Exam­ples of the experts in our net­work include:

  • Peter Schwartz – founder of the Glob­al Busi­ness Net­work (GBN), and cur­rent­ly, Head of Strat­e­gy & Gov­ern­men­tal Rela­tions for Salesforce.com
  • Kev­in Kel­ly – co-founder of Wired mag­a­zine, author, and cur­rent senior mav­er­ick at Wired mag­a­zine
  • Jere­my Bailen­son – found­ing direc­tor of the Vir­tu­al Human Inter­ac­tion Lab, Stan­ford Uni­ver­si­ty